Monday, September 10, 2012


Hello bloggers, today started off a little rough this morning, my daugher gets up this morning in a bit of pain from falling down unexpectly yesterday at the Super Walmart just all of a sudden,  so this morning I end up at the adolecent clinc with her,  she's ok, the doctors think it's just a minor fracture.......they always say that when they're not sure, so they sent her off with a note stating that she is not to have gym or any other stressed excersises and requested that she takes the elevator but she stated she will take the stairs but will just walk slowly and take her time, so she is back to school (her request) feeling a little bet better.

As promised I am back to share a few cards I have been making these few months so here they are:



Thanks for coming to take a peek!



  1. Love these cards, especially the blue/yellow combo of the last one...

  2. I am feeling my inner red head!!