Thursday, January 24, 2013

Moments In Time

Happy New Years bloggers!!!  It's been a while since I have posted anything but here is my first mini/not so mini album for the new year.  This mini album was created by me but pretty much inspired by Leonnie (MyPassionForPaper) on youtube.  I love all of here project.  Here is the link:

This mini album is created for my daughter Y'ndia who is the love of my life!  Y'ndia loves to take pictures and loves to take pictures of herself so I decided to make a book for her showing her everyday side and all of the transitions she has done.  In during the process of making the mini album I decided to take a picture of her every day showing different poses and transitions with her hair styles, clothing, and she has a love for head bands/'ll see a lot of different one as we go through this together.

front cover

here is where she introduces herself
chillin in her room reading her book from school....looking so cute
 with her scarf tied into a little bow
OMG!!  those Vanilla Wafers are her favorite cookies!
she can actually sit and eat the whole box in one
sitting watching tv. 


 hanging out with her favorite cousins and her bestfriend Jillisa
lots of tags hidden pockets and pullouts
here is her beautiful dressform and a large accordian pocket that holds
more of her pictures.
 the last page!!  here she is working her new ipod she received
for Christmas and eating another one of her favorite
snacks coffee cakes, not sure what would be on her
list next......I'll just wait and see!!!


thanks for taking the time to check out my daughters mini/not so mini album!!!
I really enjoyed making this for her, it took longer than I wanted too but it is complete.....
I think!!, I may add a few more pictures into the larger pullout hidden pockets not shown here and there, or I'll wait until she goes through it
then she will decide.
Again thanks for stopping by!!!

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