Thursday, October 7, 2010

Trying to keep it together!

I have been doing fairly well as for as posting on my blog lately, I am so proud of myself, I have added a few more of my creations here today, and will continue to let my creative juices flow, so stay tunned for more of my goodies to come!!! I Love To Create!!!

Who's That Lady!!

my purse mini album for Henva's swap on, but I decided to keep this one for myself, I am loving this purse, I just can't give this one up, but I have 2 more to make for my other group, so I guess I will be able to let them go, but let me see how they turn out and then I will decide!! ;-)
(This is my first one!) and I am loving it!!! It's so me!!!

Marie Antoinete mask swap

this is my mask for my partner Kristi's kid, who is my partner on

About Me Album (Y'ndia)

This about me album was created for my daughter, I had to put together this kit that was sent to me for a mini book swap on, I really like the items that was sent because it is so my daughter (Y'ndia) the colors and just everything about it is her, but of course I added a few of my embellishment to enhance it further, I love those feathers! Thanks Tracey(mtcmillen) for a wonderful and colorful kit!