Friday, June 27, 2014

You're My Type!

Come back and see more of my creations throughout my journey with Project Life!  Thanks for stopping by Sandy's!

It's All About the Colors!

These are a few of my crocheted items that I have been making. Some of them are infinity scarves that are made of different colored yarn, the colors made such a big difference when it came time to come up with a title for this layout.....can't you tell!! Lol!
I love to crochet and have been doing this ever since I was 9yrs. old and I am still at it.
  Here's a little crochet story I want to share.  

I remember the first blanket me and my sister made it was red and black, it was pretty big too and we wanted a box of cereal while our mom was at work which was just across the street....we left the house unsupervised and we sold it to an old lady sitting up on her balcony for a little or nothing....... just a box of cereal!!  That was kinda silly to say now but I've learned my lesson now and the most important then thing then was that cereal. Lol!!!

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