Friday, January 15, 2010

About Me

These are a few layouts I have done of myself for a change, as you can see......not many, but that will all change, this is a new year and it's gonna be about me!! Not all Y'ndia!!

more of Y'ndia

Love these layouts

these are just some of my layouts I have completed in my days, but the most favorite ones from this batch are the ones of me and my daughter........they were both taken when she was 8yrs. old, now she is 9 and just loves to take pictures, I think she is heading for the modeling world, OMG!!! she loves a camera, but even better when she is in front of it! Enjoy the many views of my daughter in the upcoming photo's.


these are a few of my cards I've made; love them all!!!

Katie's Mini

Katie see I did not leave your mini in the gallery, of course I had to display this one, this album really speaks you, Love It! and glad you do too!

Mini album

Yeah! It is!! can you ladies believe that this is made for a toilet tissue roll.......cute,cute,cute.
this is for my friend over at on the mini swap thread. Enjoy it Shayla

File Folder Mini

file folders are not just for storing papers you can see, of course they are still holding paper, but some beautiful papers, this file folder mini was made for my swap partner for the kitchen/recipe group. This was really fun to make. I enjoyed all the beautiful colors and different embellishments I used to make this project a beauty, that punch I used really made this album stand out! I love this album!

Y'ndia's Mini Album

This mini was made for my daughter Y'ndia, there are a few pictures of her and her friends just hanging out at the malls, and out to dinner. This corrugate mini was fun to make, I guess because it was different, something I have never tried before, but I am looking forward to making many more mini's using corrugated cardboard again.

Secret Sister Mini

my secret sister is not suppose to know who she is receiving this mini exciting! I was a litle worried when I haven't heard from her, or seen her on the thread on, I've sent many email, pm's and messages on the threads, but she was no where to be found, but finally, my secret sister did responded and said she did received her mini and she loved it, and she thanked me so much for the beautiful mini!! Wheew!! That was scary, but exciting at the end. lol!

Linda's Mini Album

This mini was made for my friend Linda on, I really like how this turned out; so bright and airy, love those colors! Linda... add lots of pictures and journaling to those wonderful pages. Don't forget let me see the outcome of this mini!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Joakima's Mini Album

This mini was made for my partner Joakima for the mini album swap on Oh what a beautiful album this turned out to be! Don't forget, let me see the outcome of this album!!

I just want to show you some of my mini albums I have completed so far.