Monday, May 5, 2014

National Scrapbooking Day!

Yesterday was such a fun and exciting day, hanging out with my great friends I just didn't have time to post anything that I completed so here I am a few days

This is my orange "Smash" book here, we had to basically pick a statement from    the sheet given "Journal for a day" a list of 31 prompts and incorporate it on your page, but we only had to pick 4, (20 mins. for each page.  Here I made it a full page spread.  What made smashing even more fun is when we were done with our pages we were given a rafffle ticket for each page completed #somuchfun. This was a great challenge for me because I normally takes my time but I was definitely in gear for this and it came out great. My 2 page spread done!!!

This one is really fun! Create a page about....."5 things you love about ME" I decided to use a picture of my 
photogenic  daughter Y'ndia because it just seemed much easier to write more about her then myself, I think this turned out really nice and all of these are very true!!! I love her to pieces!!!

The last prompt I used from the list was "Completed a OMG moment" this was just the perfect photo for this because I went to a basketball game with my husband last week and during the half time session they had a slammed dunk contest and this contestant jumped so high that he got his foot stuck in the rim, so that is definitely my OMG moment.

Later that day we did layouts and these are the ones I completed, I think they turned out pretty good!

And we also had an Origami Owl jewelry party, we had so much going on that day it was almost hard to keep up with everything that was going on! Lol. I was so into all the fabulous pieces I decided to host a party, which will be in June.  What a fun NSD we had!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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