Saturday, July 19, 2014

PL share for April

These are a few layouts I created for the month of April, I guess these are probably my favorite because it's also my birth month and a lot iof exciting things happened that month so check it out!

Here's my family when we went out to IHOP for a delicious breakfast!! Yummy!

Here's a mommy and me day! Me and Y'ndia did so many things that day from clothes/shoe shopping to stopping to get a cold drinks at Starbucks....we had a great time out!

My daughter loves to hang out with her best friend and take lots of pictures so here is they're page, they have know each other ever since Y'ndia was 5 yrs. old now she is 14.  Wow! BFF!

Happy Easter!
We had a lovely day seeing my nieces and nephews on this beautiful day, we had an Easter egg hunt for some of them but some were too young to participate, we had a wonderful dinner and great conversation.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my creative projects!

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