Saturday, January 15, 2011


Today was my Bowie knitting/crocheting group, I meet new ladies and some of the regulars, we had a wonderful time, just sitting, chatting and eating, I really like my group of women who I hang out with 2(twice) a month, they are so helpful with any project you may have!! I am working on a project call the Hexagon pattern, and it is not difficult doing it but trying to put those suckers together is driving me nuts!! lol! I have been working on these for about a week now, and have been successful, but now I have ran into some kinks UGGGH!!, the ladies at the group was trying to help me come up with a solution on how to attatch the Hexagons, but I want to do it an easier way and sew them as I go, but I will make it work out them all and then go back and slip stitch with making hundreds of them...... A bit too much from what Bowie Knitters told me. I want it to be throw blanket for myself, and It will be when I am finished!!! just have to come up with another solution.

Here is Lucy's Hexagon from Attic24
How Beautiful is that!!!

These are the hexagons I completed, but still not put together......

and this is what I put together so far, I have a long way to go!!! but I am not going to let it get me down!!!!

any bloggers out there who see this pattern or have done anything like this, please come to my rescue and give me a shout out on how to complete this!! Thank You Bloggers!!!

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